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5G Reshapes Digital Infrastructure, Increasing the Need for Edge Data Center Development

With the nationwide rollout of 5G cellular networks, the digital infrastructure industry can expect to see a significant change with increased demand expanding to Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets. Bluebird Network’s President & CEO, Michael Morey, shared his expertise with Bisnow about the impact of 5G deployments on data center development. Morey mentioned that the implementation of 5G is going to require more edge data centers to meet the accelerated demand. As a result of these nationwide deployments, Bluebird Network, with an extensive fiber footprint throughout the Midwest markets, has seen a dramatic increase in demand specifically for underserved markets in more remote and suburban areas in the middle of the US.

5G promises ultra-fast, wireless network capabilities which could transform the way businesses use applications, particularly those that require very low latency, “specifically 5 milliseconds or less round trip,” according to Morey. Currently, if a business or end user is in Tier 2, 3 or 4 markets, they may experience performance issues due to latency delays. Businesses can choose to outsource their IT infrastructure to ensure high performance, reliability, interconnection to cloud, and more. As such, edge data centers, which tend to be smaller facilities deployed more nimbly while providing the same level of infrastructure support as a major market data center, offer the flexibility and dynamic needs that emerging markets require. Morey believes that an increase in edge data center deployments throughout the Midwest will provide the latency and network performance businesses need due to the proximity of enabling access to content closer to the end user.

Bluebird provides critical fiber network connectivity to Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets throughout the Midwest, supporting a range of industries like healthcare, education, government and public safety that require low-latency and highly reliable connectivity solutions. Bluebird continues to provide and strengthen connectivity through its data center facilities, serving as anchors in the Northeast and Southwest corners of their 11-state footprint. The company is currently expanding fiber connectivity to an additional 500 towers throughout twenty cities across the Midwest.

The 5G rollout offers an opportunity to increase the number of edge facilities needed to keep up with demand. Underserved markets will notice the accelerated effort to move access closer to end-users to provide low-latency connectivity. Other companies like DartPoints are recognizing and meeting the need for interconnection with carrier-neutral Edge colocation data centers to create an enhanced user experience.

You can read the full article here.

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