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Tour Our Datacenter

Tour Our Datacenter

Bluebird Underground Data Center

Located 85 feet below the Earth's surface, Bluebird Underground is well equipped to handle your data center, colocation and hosted provider needs.

85 feet underground and surrounded by limestone rock.

A consistent and stable year-round environment and temperature of 64-68 degrees F.
Redundant cooling units and a chilled water delivery system ensure temperature and humidity set points.


Your data is the backbone of your business, and we know you need 24/7/365 access to it. Bluebird provides the colocation space you need today with the capacity to expand your data capabilities tomorrow.

Bluebird Underground Data Center provides a variety of custom solutions for customers’ colocation needs. We offer scalable space starting as small as two rack units  and can scale to third, half or full cabinets. We can also tailor custom space to fit your square footage needs.

  • Only pay for the space and power you use. Our easily scalable space is only bested by our measured power service. We’ll never charge you for power you don’t use!
  • Request a tour of our facility or call today to learn more!



Whether it’s 90 square feet or 5,000 square feet, the Bluebird Underground has custom space and power available. Our recently expanded and upgraded facility is unlike any data center you’ve seen before. Schedule a tour today and see what it’s like Underground!



With our Remote Hands at the ready, we’ll keep your data up and running through a planned outage and react more efficiently to emergency activities. This service also saves on travel time, maintenance and the cost of infrastructure management.



Located 85 feet underground, the Bluebird Underground Data Center offers unmatched safety, security and reliability. The underground advantage protects customer data from natural and manmade disasters.

At BBU, 100% of our critical systems are located Underground and built to N+1 standards. Supplying 6 MW of off-grid power, three diverse utility feeds, and Uninterrupted Power Supply, the BBU is self-sufficient and capable of running autonomously.

Not only does the BBU offer best-in-class colocation, Bluebird owns the fiber. This means your connection to the outside world is never subject to someone else’s transport or network.



  • Carrier-neutral
  • Custom Colocation Options
  • As few as two rack units available
  • Meet me rooms
  • Remote Hands
  • Support for high density equipment
  • 11,000 square feet of available white space
  • 125,000 square feet of expansion space


  • Ceiling height 8-10 feet
  • 3-foot raised floor, supports up to 2,500 lbs
  • Single Level facility
  • Multiple Gas based fire suppression systems
  • Critical Facilities Monitoring
  • Power source outside the Kansas City and St. Louis grid
  • Multi-honed internet services
  • Up-to 1GB of free backhaul with alternate location DIA
  • Connections to over 220 CSPs


  • Three factor authentication / Biometric scanning
  • Mantrap access
  • Video Surveillance
  • 24/7 customer access
  • SSAE16 certified
  • 24/7 NOC


  • 3 Diverse utility feeds
  • 3 backup generators
  • Fuel supply 12,000 gallons
  • Dual UPS systems
  • Facility powered by more than 40 percent renewable energy


  • N+1 Cooling
  • Closed loop system
  • Saves more than 150 million gallons of water per year


  • Shared cubical space
  • Private boardroom available 
  • Presentation room available 
  • Open touch-down space for clients and vendors
  • Secure shipping, receiving and temporary storage space 


  • Latency
  • BBU to Kansas City ~5ms – ~8ms 
  • BBU to St. Louis ~8ms -~10ms 
  • BBU to Chicago ~10ms -~12ms 

Carrier Connections


Our Security

  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified.
  • Private streets within the mine blocks public access and viewing.
  • Underground location prevents satellite imaging.
  • 24 hours a day; 7 days a week above and below ground guard stations.
  • Multi-tiered security measures including visual inspection, access control,
    video monitoring, mantrap and biometric scanning.
Security CCTV camera in office building

Our Protection from Disaster

  • Each data center building is protected by a FM-200 fire suppression system.
  • Common areas are protected by a double interlock zoned sprinkler system.
  • Air sampling systems within each data center building detect changes in air ionization.
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle containment keeps equipment cool and ensures operational efficiency.
  • All critical infrastructure to guarantee uptime are located underground


Our Power

  • Dual fed substation backed up by UPS, two (2) MW generators, and battery back-up.
  • Redundant critical infrastructure ensures continuous operations during natural or unnatural events.

Underground Advantage

  • Protection from all natural and manmade disasters.
  • Constant year round temperature keeps temperature and humidity set point.
  • Environmentally friendly closed-loop water cooling systems keep your machines cool while adding zero waste or stress to local water infrastructure.

Our Remote Hands Services

  • Provides professional technical support to customers for planned and emergency activities on their equipment within the Bluebird Underground Data Center facility.
  • Effectively plan installation and maintenance activities
  • React more efficiently to emergencies
  • Reduce travel time to and from the data center
  • Improve uptime and reduce the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance
  • 24/7/365 on-call Bluebird Technicians
Smart technology for smart system administration
Close-up Shot of Data Center With Rows of Fully Operational Server Racks. Concept of Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Database, Supercomputer Technology.


Bluebird Underground Data Center is hosting the Springfield Internet Exchange to improve local network connectivity and peer with other networks. Any legal entity with a valid Autonomous System Number (ASN) is welcome to join SpringIX.

Midwest VPOP

The Midwest Virtual POP (vPOP) enables you to establish a peering presence across the top tier data centers throughout the Midwest in one convenient location within the Bluebird Underground Data Center.


The Bluebird Underground Data Center located in Springfield, Missouri understands the importance of using a natural resource to offer protection from natural and unnatural disasters. Located 85 feet below ground in Springfield, Missouri, and surrounded by solid limestone, our data center combines the inherent protection of the underground with man-made security measures to safeguard your data and hardware. Data Center suites, colocation cages and colocation racks allow customers the flexibility to expand their hosting network with ease.

Our multi-layered security access methods include visual inspections from two 24×7 guard stations, keycard access, video monitoring and biometric scanning. Once inside, we incorporate mantraps and restrictive access policies for each customer’s space, providing security within each zone of the facility.

To further ensure the security and continuous operation of our data center, all critical infrastructure is located underground. This unique design allows the Bluebird Underground Data Center confidence in providing our 100% uptime guarantee. That confidence is further ensured by being a SOC 2, Type 2 certified data center.


The Bluebird Underground Data Center has the advantage of being a Bluebird Network Facility. Bluebird Network provides our data center with high speed, carrier-class Internet and data services through our fiber network that runs in and out of the data center via multiple fiber paths and entrances.

The protection and security of Bluebird Underground, integrated with the advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure of Bluebird Network, elevates data center solutions to a whole new level. At Bluebird Underground, we are below ground and above standards.

“Missouri offers an ideal location for an underground data center. The Bluebird Underground facility is housed in a cave carved out of natural limestone, which provides a safe and secure environment. Being in Missouri allows close accessibility to data center customers while enjoying low business costs. Combined, these attributes allow Bluebird Underground the opportunity to grow our business while providing a cost-effective data center experience for our customers,” -stated Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network