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Tour Our Datacenter

Tour Our Datacenter

Social Responsibility

A company as forward-looking as Bluebird must always remain proactive. Good corporate stewardship means looking through a lens which puts people first. This is why Bluebird chooses to lead by example.

Diversity & Inclusion

Bluebird strives to create a workplace as caring and inclusive as it is professionally rewarding. We built one of the Midwest’s most reliable fiber networks by valuing talent in all forms and respecting all our team member beliefs.

From our C-level leadership to the men and women burying our fiber, diversity at every level of the Bluebird organization gives us strength and perspective. We appreciate what makes us different and ensure everyone thrives in our workplace. These values are reflected in how we recruit, hire, develop and promote.

Our employees are as unique as our fiber – and that is the way we like it.

The secrets for your success
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Community Engagement:

As Bluebird grows, we also grow more connected to the communities we serve. As a company with deep rural roots, we know what it’s like to be counted on and we feel it is important for us to remain focused on being engaged in the community.


Bluebird regards workplace safety as a hallmark of a successful company. Our Health & Safety Board meet regularly and reward employees for proactively addressing potential safety issues throughout the year.

Our top three:

  • Ownership of risk at the business level
  • Understanding worst case outcomes
  • Requirement for an independent sign-off by RMG
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Environmental Sustainability:

An ever-changing digital landscape isn’t the only thing Bluebird keeps an eye on. Our Earth is a valuable resource and we treat it with respect. This is why Bluebird has committed to going completely carbon-neutral by 2040. We power our data center with renewable energies, use closed-loop water systems to eliminate waste and have shifted our fleet vehicles to energy-efficient models. Here you can find our third-party verified emissions reporting.