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Bluebird Network is a Midwest regional telecommunications company.

Bluebird serves Carrier and Enterprise customers in rural and urban communities by providing reliable, high bandwidth, carrier-class Internet and data services delivered over a state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

Bluebird Network supports the Bluebird Underground Data Center, our underground data center that protects your data and hardware from natural and unnatural disasters, and integrates with our fiber transport and Internet services within multiple fibers paths and entrances in and out of the data center. We’ll take your data, and move it to the cloud underground, where it is securely stored and easily transported throughout the Midwest and across the country.

By leveraging our network, resources and innovative employees, Bluebird develops solutions that deliver broadband opportunities across the Midwest. Our network and our data center combine to create opportunities for all types of businesses. For our customers, our services translate to quality, continuity, and performance.

Please contact us today if you’re looking for Ethernet, MPLS, Fiber, Internet or DIA services throughout Missouri, Illinois, or the surrounding states, or if you are looking for colocation and data center services.



Industry leaders to small business startups look to Bluebird Network for a helping hand.

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