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Bluebird serves Carrier and Enterprise customers in both rural and urban communities by providing reliable, high-bandwidth, carrier-class internet and data services delivered over a state-of-the-art fiber optic network. By leveraging our network, data center and innovative employees, Bluebird develops solutions and underpins communications across the Midwest.






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Midwest communications INFRASTRUCTURE

Always building and always expanding, Bluebird is all about growth. Our network spans nine states and connects more than 60,000 buildings across the Midwest.

Our focus on business makes sense, because at Bluebird, we believe success is all about good connections.

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Today, our network has over 9,808 fiber route miles of high-speed broadband and fiber-optic connections to over 60,000 on-net and near-net buildings and towers. Bluebird Network leverages its vast fiber optic network to provide network services to carriers throughout the Midwest and United States.


Access to quality education is the foundation of every community. Bluebird Network combines leading edge technology and unsurpassed customer support to provide the tools needed to support the sophisticated network requirements of educational institutions.
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By utilizing the Bluebird Network fiber optic infrastructure, hospitals and healthcare systems can communicate faster, more securely and with zero downtime. Patients and their data come first – Bluebird understands, and we deliver.


Local and state governments trust Bluebird to deliver efficient, cost-effective and quality services for their citizens and employees. Public safety agencies trust Bluebird for reliable bandwidth to support their tools, protect citizens and respond quickly in emergency situations.
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While nearly every industry relies on a network connection for their day-to-day activities, financial institutions have a particular need for secure, reliable internet services. Financial institutions must be able to quickly and easily access information for credit checks, loan applications and general banking. Bluebird is the answer.


Successful businesses depend on reliable access to real-time information and web-based applications. At Bluebird we realize success is all about maintaining good connections. We can guarantee your connection is always on and your data is always safe. Rural or metropolitan; Bluebird will connect you to the future.
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