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5G Empowers Enterprises & Communities

Telcos are aiding digital transformation for enterprises in order to help them keep pace with virtual demands, a growing distributed workforce, day-to-day operations, and more. A big part of this digital transformation is the rollout of 5G and its agile network capabilities. More and more enterprises are adopting 5G, but the network capabilities have an even greater impact as the number of enterprises utilizing the technology grows.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of broadband cellular network. In contrast to the current 4G network, 5G delivers a new level of resiliency, reliability, speed and massive network capacity which are critical for the success of all enterprises. The network will also provide a more uniform experience, creating an easier opportunity for 5G adoption, replacing the existing 4G network.

Where is 5G?

The network is available in only some countries, the United States being the lead in 5G adoption. Not all companies have upgraded their infrastructure to be able to support the technology, but more enterprises are seeing the benefits that 5G has to offer.

Adoption & Deployment

The rise of 5G adoption offers exponential growth for enterprises and day-to-day activities within communities across the United States. Telcos are supplying robust and reliable fiber services necessary to thrive in the next era of digital transformation. Expanded fiber networks will enhance connectivity for businesses, carriers, and communities with access to reliable, secure, and high-capacity network capabilities.

5G & Edge

Simply put, 5G and edge are complimentary services. 5G has a positive impact on edge adoption. 5G offers extremely low latency for bandwidth hungry devices. With a heightened demand in connectivity and distributed workforces, 5G is going to require bringing infrastructure closer to the end-user and therefore more edge data centers will be necessary to provide enterprises faster computing power.

Specifically in underserved markets, enterprises will notice the accelerated effort to move access closer to end-users to provide extremely low-latency connectivity in a continuous effort to bridge the digital divide.

How 5G Benefits Enterprises & Communities

Public Safety, Health Care, and Education  industries need reliable, secure, and high-capacity network capabilities to provide proper services to their constituents. These specific industries have bandwidth-hungry devices that require extremely low latency down to the difference of milliseconds. With virtual alternatives like telehealth and virtual learning, 5G will offer communities the ability to take advantage of these services – especially in underserved markets.

For enterprises with a distributed workforce, 5G provides employees with the proper bandwidth to go about their day-to-day tasks. Many have had issues with WiFi connection in their homes which hinder productivity and even profitability.

Bluebird Network Provides and Strengthens 5G Network Capabilities

5G goes beyond an enterprise’s productivity. Enterprises are starting to shift their products and services to be 5G compatible, and some are even creating new products and services. Bluebird Network has provided fiber access to more than 500 towers, expanding their robust network reach across five states and 28 markets throughout the Midwest to support 5G network deployments.

Bluebird Network plans to be a major player in enabling 5G rollout and network adoption for enterprises and communities in the region.

Click here to learn more about Bluebird Network’s effort in providing and strengthening 5G Network for communities throughout the Midwest.

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