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5 Reasons Why Your Business Only Broadband Matters

The IDC Data Age Report estimates that the global datasphere will grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to over 175 ZB by 2025. “Big data,” as they call it, continues to live up to its name. In a minute, consumers spend over $1 million online, make 1.4 million video and voice calls and share over 150,000 messages on social media.

Your business only broadband is essential to the continued success of your company. To function optimally in today’s data-centric world, you need to provide your staff and customers with instant communication capabilities. Having reliable internet access is no longer a luxury.

Here are five benefits of switching to business only broadband networks.

1. Speed Boosts Productivity

Your IT infrastructure has a direct correlation to office productivity. As employees report to work, they may put a strain on your network. A Pews Research Survey shows that 94% of jobholders are internet users, with 54% saying that the interest is critical to them doing their work. Business only broadband improves your internet speeds, allowing your staff to upload and download documents faster. It also increases efficiencies through supporting VOIP and telecommunication systems.

2. Larger Bandwidth Can Reduce Website Crashes

Your company’s website is vital to promoting and expanding your brand recognition. Faster connections promoted by the business only broadband ensures that your site is more stable and reliable. If your network gets overloaded with requests, it will slow down and may eventually crash. Slow or buffering internet for business can be frustrating your staff. Besides, you might lose clients as 25% of users will bounce off a website if it takes more than four seconds to load.

3. Business Only Broadband Promotes Staff Collaboration

The easier your employees can communicate with each other, the quicker your projects can be completed. Broadband networks through fiber solutions allow for office file sharing, granting access to shared online spaces for coworkers to collaborate. It may also support HD video conferencing among remote employees, without any lags.

4. Support Your Switch to Cloud Storage

Business only broadband can also support your switch to cloud storage. The IDC Data Age Report also estimated that the public cloud would store more data than enterprise data centers. However, a white paper by Integra says that 45% of organizations cite bandwidth as the main hindrance to cloud adoption. Increased bandwidths can smoothen your transition to cloud services. Remember business only broadband offers better upload speeds and thus able to support faster data uploads allowing for real-time cloud-based storage or backup.

5. Support Multiple Concurrent Sessions

As you automate more tasks around the office, you may need to have business only broadband with dedicated internet access to support all devices and appliances. Most business executives analyze their internet needs based on the number of computer workstations in the office. However, they end up overlooking other devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, and telephones in the calculation. Having a fiber connection with dedicated bandwidths can increase the number of concurrent sessions that can be supported by the network.

Business only broadband can help transform your digitized office space. As mentioned above, you will enjoy some key advantages that might not be possible with ordinary broadband. If you are searching for internet providers in Columbia, MO, feel free to contact Bluebird Network. We are trusted business internet providers with clients across Missouri, Illinois, and the Midwest.

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