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5 Critical IT Issues That You Need to Keep in Mind When Moving

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the need for businesses to move online. The average daily data usage across the United States jumped to 16.6 GB in March 2020, up from 12 GB for a similar period the previous year. This represents a 38% increase seen across all device categories.

It is rare to find a business today that doesn’t heavily rely on internet connectivity for its operation. A successful business relocation from one office space to the next needs to be seamless for your employees, partners, and clients. You may need to incorporate your internet providers as you plan your move to minimize the disruption to your business.

Here are five critical IT issues that you will need to keep in mind to avoid slow internet as you move to your new office.

1. Business Internet Providers

Expanding a business to a new location is an exciting moment for any company. However, you will need to notify your internet service provider early enough to facilitate and complete your IT move. A 60- to 90-day notice is recommended for medium and large businesses.

You may need to confirm that your internet providers serve within your new location. Draw up a plan that will ensure that you have dedicated internet access immediately after your move. If their fiber network does cover your new office space, you will need to take time and locate a new ISP.

2. Structured Cabling

For wired internet systems, you may need to plan the installation of the cables early enough during construction or upgrade of the space. You need to work together with your internet providers, cabling vendor, and interior designer. The team can review the new office space, outlining the placement of electrical outlets, ethernet points, and routers.

3. Data Protection

The few days allocated for relocation of technology infrastructure increases the risk of data loss. Organize with your internet service providers and Managed IT services to have multiple backup systems. You can organize for cloud storage to ensure that your business is set up and ready for operation immediately after relocation.

4. Phone Systems

When moving your on-premise Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) connections, you will need to consult with your internet providers. The phones are tied to your ISP, and the relocation might be more complicated than a simple unplug and plug-in scenario. The relocation provides you with an opportunity to review the line capacity. For VoIP systems, you might also need to contact your phone provider to notify them that you are changing your internet providers.

5. IT Hardware

You will need to have all the IT equipment necessary for your new office space, including technology for your new internet line. You need to carefully plan the physical relocation of your servers, network devices, and data storage systems to avoid damage during the move. If you plan on having a wireless network, you will need to test the hardware before the actual move.

Business relocation will mean disruption to your operations. However, you will need to keep the outage period as low as possible. Working in tandem with your internet providers can help you complete a smooth move. To help you plan for internet access during and after your office relocation, contact BlueBird Network.

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