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2019 71st Annual Missouri Healthcare Association (MHCA) Convention

Come see Bluebird Network at the Missouri Healthcare Association’s (MHCA) annual conference on August 26-27th in Branson, Missouri!

The Missouri Healthcare Association is Missouri’s largest long-term care trade association representing over 300 licensed proprietary and not-for-profit skilled nursing, assisted living, and residential care facilities. With nearly 320 facility members, MHCA represents over sixty-five percent of Missouri’s licensed skilled nursing care facilities along with many residential care and assisted living facilities. There are also over 160 health care related businesses and organizations that are associate members of MHCA; they contribute greatly to the success of the association. Healthcare professionals have associated themselves because collective action is more effective, efficient and productive than individual efforts. MHCA is dedicated to improving quality of life for the residents of long term care and the collective efforts of the organization are directed toward delivering excellence in the healthcare profession and improving the quality and dignity of life of residents.  The MHCA Annual Healthcare Convention is widely regarded as the leading long-term care trade show in Missouri with consistently high attendance, attracting a large number of exhibitors as well as administrators, key decision makers, and prospective buyers. Bluebird Network will once again be attending MHCA as an exhibitor!

Bluebird Network provides fast Internet access, full gig e-services, and private metro fiber networks to hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. With the rise of telemedicine, remote diagnostics, and other forms of digital healthcare, having a robust Internet connection within the healthcare industry is more important than ever. Network communication, electronic records, and other cloud-based applications can all be supported by the Bluebird Network fiber optic infrastructure, a high speed, state of the art network. 

Bluebird Network also provides data center services for storing patient information and other hospital records offsite, including disaster recovery and restoration efforts in the case of data loss. The Bluebird Underground Data Center, located 85 feet underground in Springfield, Missouri and surrounded by solid limestone rock, will protect your data and hardware from all kinds of natural and unnatural disasters. Your information will be both quickly and easily accessible and safely and securely stored, through the synergy of our fiber optic network and underground data center.

To schedule a personal meeting, contact us here or RSVP with Mike Harris at We’ll see you at MHCA!

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