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2016 Olympic Games

Four years have passed and the 2016 Olympic Games have begun in Rio, Brazil. With over 40 sports and 306 individual events spread out over 19 days, the world will get to immerse themselves in technology while watching thousands of athletes from all over the world compete for gold. With so many events it may be difficult to keep track of everything going on, but with the help of some technology innovations since the last summer Olympics, athletes and fans can be reassured that the results will be accurate.

From trackers and cameras that watch and monitor times of sprinters to rings that allow athletes to simply hover their hand to make a purchase, technology has indeed come a long way. Team USA cyclists in this year’s Olympic Games will get real time insight as they race. This is due to the adoption of virtual reality (VR) glasses. These glasses monitor the athletes speed, pedals, and distance. This allows them to maximize their body’s resources and push through to the end to grab the gold medal.

Another trend that has emerged in recent years is how the world will be watching the Olympic Games. Many individuals will watch events on their television or even on their computers, but smart phones and tablets will offer a viewing experience entirely different. Thousands of photographers will be photographing the events using 360 imaging, allowing viewers to not only see an amazing photo, but immerse themselves in the action unfolding around it.

At the 2012 Olympics, ESPN made some predictions about what the technology would be for the future Olympic Games. One on point prediction was how viewing the events would change. Apps like periscope, which enables users to share real-time video, puts viewers on the sidelines. If you couldn’t afford to go to an event or are looking for a better view of the action, periscope allows you to watch live streaming video of the events from a variety of angles. Giving you an all-around unique experience on par with being in Rio. This live streaming opportunity means that you can watch all the different events whenever they may be happening from wherever you may be.

When the 2020 Olympic Games take place in Tokyo, Japan, who knows what kind of technology will be utilized to make the most out of the world’s greatest competition.

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