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Why Is Reliable Bandwidth So Important for My Company?

Bandwidth is significant to your business. Bandwidth is often misunderstood. Some business owners think if they use a cloud connection, then bandwidth concerns end. The fact is, bandwidth, even when using a cloud connection, matters. Think of bandwidth as a measure of how much information you can send. Here are some reasons why it matters to your business.

Do You Have Enough?

Many business owners believe that they can get by with less bandwidth if they have a cloud connection. The fact is, cloud computing may require you to have more bandwidth available. If you share Google docs or depend on video calling, you need more bandwidth to send the information back and forth. High-volume activities require ample bandwidth.

Low bandwidth can mean slow computing. It can also mean long wait times to receive and send data. It can mean a loss in productivity for your business.

What Happens When You Do Not Have Enough Capacity?

Bandwidth is not connectivity speed per se, but it does affect how fast your internet connection can move. The amount of data that can be exchanged back and forth and the amount of time it takes for the data to be exchanged is relative to bandwidth. If your bandwidth is too low, you can expect longer load times.

IDC’s DataAge 2025 report shows that the Datasphere (globally) will grow. It was 33 ZB (zettabytes). By 2025 it will be 175 ZB, reflecting an annual growth rate of 26%. More data than ever will be moving back and forth. Having enough bandwidth will keep your company competitive.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?

A few things will determine how much bandwidth your business needs for your cloud connection. The first thing to consider is how many employees will access the connection simultaneously. Another factor to consider is how much data your business will need to share. Consider how much growth you expect over the next year or two. All these considerations will determine how much bandwidth you need for your business.

You can do what other business owners do and connect with a company that offers cloud connection services, and that can analyze your bandwidth needs. Call us today to get the expert support you need to determine the best bandwidth.

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