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Why Dedicated Internet Access is Important

Dedicated internet access is a must for any business. There are some clear benefits to choosing dedicated internet access that far exceed the value of shared internet access. The cost is higher for dedicated internet access but the following benefits are well worth the higher cost.

Enough Bandwidth For Everyone

With dedicated access, your business is guaranteed to have access to 100% of the bandwidth that you are paying for. The amount of average data usage daily in the U.S. has shot up from 12 GB in 2019 to 16.6 GB in 2020, according to Tech News. That is a 38% increase in data usage per day. The more data that is being shared and transferred, the more bandwidth gets swallowed up.

Dedicated internet access ensures that your business has the bandwidth to keep workflow moving. Shared services cannot guarantee the same thing.

Faster Services

If your internet connection suddenly slows even though it is reporting the right upload and download speeds, it could be because there is an information jam somewhere along the line on your shared internet access. When you have dedicated services you never have to worry about information jams that slow down speeds and cause a sluggish connection.

A Better SLA

Your ISP (internet service provider) should provide you with a service level agreement (SLA) for your dedicated internet access that includes certain guarantees. The SLA can include things like uptime guarantees, latency, and packet loss. If your internet fails in any way, you will be compensated for the losses.

The fact is that an ISP is far more responsive to those clients that choose the DIA option. The client pays more and is likely a higher priority for the ISP. In most cases, response times are guaranteed to be under a specific window of time. For example, a DIA trouble ticket may have a guaranteed response time of four hours while a shared connection may have a guaranteed response time of 24 hours. You pay a little more, but you get both elevated increased service and better customer care.

If you are on the fence about investing a few more dollars each month, consider the benefits of DIA. Give us a call today to earn more about dedicated internet access and how it can improve how you do business.

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