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Why Dark Fiber Might be the Best Solution for Your Business

Dark fiber can be a great option for your business. Dark fiber comes with some unique benefits that you may not get from other internet connectivity.

Location, infrastructure, and more can be easily supported. According to Seagate Rethink Data Survey by IDC, today more data per house is generated than what was generated in an entire year two decades ago. It is important to have the tools to support your data needs.

Unlit Fiber Optics

There are miles and miles of unlit fiber optic cables, many of which are left unused. This untapped resource can be an affordable option for internet connectivity that is fast and reliable.

This excessive fiber optic cable is often laid for “future-proofing”. In other words, when the infrastructure of fiber optic cable is developed, oftentimes an abundance of cable is laid for future growth and use.

It Provides a Fully Controllable Infrastructure

With this type of connectivity, you have complete control over costs, equipment, and scalability. As your business grows, so can your network. It is a great option for businesses that are in distant locales from the switch point, and any business that wants to take control of their connectivity.

High Reliability

Since your business is in control of this direct connection, there is a lot lower incidence of outages and other issues. Point-to-point connectivity reduces problems. You can count on this connection to move your data.

High Level of Security

As the only customer on your network, security is heightened. You can specify security parameters for your network. You do not have to rely on outside forces to control your internet security. You can assure confidentiality to customers and clients with a very high degree of certainty.

Tremendous Data Transmission

You can send and receive up to 100Gbps of data. A tremendous amount of data can move quickly through a dark fiber network.

Keep Your Business Up to Speed

Dark fiber networks are an excellent option for any business that wants to take advantage of the control, fast speeds, and reliability that these networks have to offer. Learn more about this connectivity option and how it can benefit your business.

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