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Why Consider a Fiber-Based Network?

The digital age has led to everyday users depending on the strength of their internet and cloud connectivity. Society heavily relies on the internet to communicate with others across the globe, whether for work, education, healthcare and to find solutions to everyday problems.

While the internet is considered a necessity, not every user uses the internet in the same way. There are numerous connectivity options available including wireless connections, DSL or cable. Each option has pros and cons, but a fiber optic network connection tends to be the most compelling.

Why Choose a Fiber Network?

Fiber optic technology leverages fiber optic glass cables. When light is transmitted through these cables, it uses pulses to travel and carry data at a high rate of speed – capable of reaching the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second). Not only can data be sent very quickly through fiber optic cables, but the data can also travel long distances without degrading. When light pulses reach their destination, it’s converted into a connection that allows internet access

One of the best reasons to choose a fiber network is the superior performance it provides. Whether a business needs increased capacity, or an education facility needs to stay connected with its students to support virtual learning, having a network supported by fiber optics will ensure superior performance and reliability.  

A fiber connection can also provide unmatched security. In comparison to copper cables, fiber optic cables are much more difficult to tap with a device that picks up electronic signals. Furthermore, as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more prevalent and advanced, consumers are actively looking for ways to protect their homes and businesses from bad internet actors. With a reliable connection, security devices remain connected, benefiting users with greater comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

Have confidence in your fiber network provider to help scale your business and keep your data safe. For more information, contact us today.

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