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What to Look For in a Data Center Company

A data center is essential to digital endeavors, and many businesses find relief in using data centers outside of the company. A crucial choice for your company is which data center or colocation provider to use. After all, you will be storing your mission-critical infrastructure in someone person’s building.

Before making a decision, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are the most important criteria that any company should look for when selecting a data center provider.

1) Location

You might require access to many data centers in various strategic locations for major IT deployments, business continuity/disaster recovery, or to be nearer to staff, clients, and partners. A data center facility with a good socioeconomic and environmental setting may have lower overall operating risk and higher operational effectiveness. It is also crucial to be close to reliable energy supplies, network connectivity, and business partners located on the same campus or data center.

2) Capacity to Scale and Flexibility

You need a provider who can meet your needs both today and in the foreseeable future. Various data center providers provide varying degrees of freedom. Others will offer customized solutions (flexibility) in addition to regular offers, while some will offer ready-made solutions that may or may not fit your demands. Choose a service that can grow with you over time rather than one that will impede your organization.

3) Access to Facilities and Safety

The protection of the data and equipment contained in data centers is of the utmost importance. Layered security zones, biometric access, camera and surveillance systems, and other advanced security measures might be used.

Finding out the procedure for bringing a vendor on-site to repair parts in the event of a critical failure is one technique to evaluate the security of a data center. Make sure to make inquiries like:

  • How are access logs kept up-to-date?
  • Are there security cameras at all of the main entrances, and are they being watched around the clock?
  • How does the provider of data centers maintain the security of their facility?

4) Ecosystems, Neutrality, and Connectivity

Even the best data center with the most innovative architectural features won’t be as valuable as one with a robust ecosystem of service providers and business partners. The top colocation service providers will provide access to key cloud providers, a variety of network providers, and internet exchange facilities. Carrier-neutral data centers offer better flexibility and cost savings because they frequently serve as hubs for the aggregation and interconnection of IT services and resources by numerous providers and businesses. The ability to choose from a wide range of connection and cloud alternatives makes it simple to build hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures that prevent vendor lock-in.

5) Reliability

When selecting a data center or colocation provider, reliability is essential. In the realm of data centers, reliability is evaluated by uptime. Five 9s uptime, which indicates dependability for at least 99.999% of the time, is a sign of a trustworthy provider. Additionally, keep an eye out for employee certifications, client feedback, and on-site technical support.


Bluebird Network provides a variety of custom data center colocation solutions for customers’ business needs. Your data is the foundation of your business, and we know you need 24/7/365 access to it. We’ve created an advanced infrastructure – to provide our customers with a 100% uptime guarantee. Get in touch with us today or request a quote for more information.

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