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What Is an Internet Exchange Point?

There are many working parts to the internet for businesses. One of those working parts is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), a physical location where an ISP (Internet Service Provider) connects the internet. These locations allow providers to share networks outside their own. IXPs shorten the path between transmissions. But how exactly does this affect the internet for businesses?

IXPs Reduce Latency

A network configuration that uses IXPs can help to reduce latency issues. Latency is the natural delay that happens when transferring data between points in a network. These issues affect download and upload speeds, and can severely cut into efficiency. Latency problems are often caused by distance. The further your business is away from the main signal station, the more likely you will experience latency issues that can slow down your business’ networks. IXPs move the signal closer to the end user, which in turn cuts down on latency problems.

IXPs Save On Costs

Internet providers offering internet for businesses can save money and pass those savings on to the client using IXPs. Without an IXP switching station, ISPs would have to rely on an intermediate network provider to carry information. Transit providers are used for international data transfers, but it is not the best way to manage them. It can get costly and comes with certain risks to security and quality. Direct transfers, in the long run, will save you these drops in quality, and help better maintain your customer base.

This state-of-the-art technology is reducing the cost of internet services by leaps and bounds. It can help to keep the costs of data center operations down. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, data centers account for 3% of electrical consumption.

IXPs Are a Necessity

To get the best internet for businesses, it is best to have a system that uses IXPs. Choosing an internet provider that uses the latest technologies to ensure your signal arrives unencumbered is the right choice for any business. Cloud computing and fiber optic cables have greatly improved the internet for businesses. Tapping into these new technologies can ensure you have the reliable internet services needed to grow your business.

Learn more about all the working parts of providing internet services. Connect with a trusted provider that can ensure your business always has reliable services you can depend on. Call today to learn more.

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