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What do Data Center Companies Do?

A data center is a facility used by businesses to store their critical business applications and data. As corporations evolve from centralized on-premises servers to cloud technology, data centers are handy for dependability and security.

A data center company is often regarded as a singular item, but it comprises several parts in reality. A data center can be split into three main categories.

  • Compute: The memory and computing power required to run apps. High-end server machines typically provide this
  • Networking: Comprised of interlinks between various data center components and the outside world, such as app-delivery controllers, routers, switches, etc.
  • Storage: Vital business data is stored in data centers on storage devices such as tapes and SSDs (solid-state drives) with numerous backups

What Does a Data Center Company Do?

Data center companies are designed to offer support via services such as:

  • Data storage, backup, handling, and recovery
  • Productivity such as email
  • Wide-volume e-commerce transactions
  • Hosting data-intensive online applications such as online gaming
  • AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning)

What Are the Core Elements of a Data Center Company?

Core Components

This comprises hardware and software for apps and data storage as well as IT operations. Examples of core components include storage hardware and network infrastructure (routers and switches) and various data security elements (firewalls).


This is the space available for storing hardware. Providing 24/7 access to data makes data centers some of the world’s largest electricity-consuming facilities.

According to Science Direct, roughly 40% of the total costs of running a data center can be attributed to the cost of power and cooling.

Support Infrastructure

Support infrastructure is equipment attributed to maintaining the availability of the data center. Some of the components of data center support include:

    • EC (environmental control) such as CRACs (computer room air conditioners), exhaust systems, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems
    • Physical security infrastructure includes biometrics, CCTV, and motion sensors
    • Staff: The professionals responsible for monitoring and maintaining the hardware and software inside the data center 24/7
    • UPS (uninterruptable power supply) such as battery packs and generators

The alteration of business operations from on-premise servers to virtualized infrastructure has seen the rise of data center companies. Data centers are suitable, and you should consider them if your business requires on-demand services such as cloud computing.

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