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What Business Owners Should Know about Underground Data Centers

Business owners are relying more on data centers than ever before. In light of the fact that more data is created every hour today compared to how much was created in an entire year 20 years ago, this makes sense. We rely on data for business purposes, and the bigger your business the more data you’ll create. This means that more data centers are being built, and some of those will inevitably be constructed underground.

However, there remain many misconceptions about underground data centers. Business owners may have questions about how these centers work, as well as whether or not their information is secure. While it’s understandable for you to have these concerns, you shouldn’t let that keep you from taking advantage of dedicated internet access services. With that being said, let’s answer some of your questions about underground data centers below.

Are They Secure?

The reality is that underground data centers are invested in precisely because they are safer than other options. Like any data services, they do require their own individual safeguards to ensure that they are as secure as possible.

Business owners should ask questions and research their potential data center services provider before committing to them. Each data center services provider should have certain certifications and security procedures. They essentially need the infrastructure to establish their data services, and must also remain abreast of the most relevant compliance regulations.

The great thing about underground data centers is that there is no real need for physical security solutions because they are already extremely difficult if not impossible to physically breach. But they also need to monitor air quality and cooling measures in order to ensure that their data centers are protected from corrosion and other types of damage. As long as these measures are taken, an underground data center should be perfectly safe.

Are Underground Data Centers Expensive?

Underground data centers don’t have to be extremely expensive, especially in light of the cost-efficient services that they provide. As with most services, they can run from being quite expensive to very cost-efficient. Data centers that rely upon renewable energy can at times be less expensive than alternatives.

Another thing to consider is that some areas actually offer tax exemptions as incentives for businesses to source their data centers within those areas. They also would allow the equipment used for those data centers, like computers, to be exempt from property taxes. Over time, the business in question could save millions of dollars over the years.

How Long Do Underground Data Centers Take to Build?

There are a lot of reasons why underground data centers are often less expensive in the long term. One of those reasons is that they often take less time to construct, and therefore cost less in terms of labor. The underground space has typically already been created before the center is commissioned, and simply needs to be framed and fully built out. This means that an underground data center can go to market in about 60 days, which is eight to 10 weeks less time than would be needed for the construction of a traditional data center.

Can Underground Data Centers Be Fully Staffed?

Yes. People can indeed work underground, just as they would work in above-ground centers. Ultimately, these centers can remain fully staffed, which means that they’ll be just as reliable for clients as traditional data centers would be. This is a major concern for business owners, but the reality is that they will not experience any difference in terms of service.

Although it’s understandable that business owners would have concerns about the transition to underground data centers, the benefits of moving to this kind of option are hard to ignore. Due to the cost efficiency offered through underground data centers, as well as their security and reliability, it’s important to consider investing in underground data center service providers.

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