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Robust Networking and Government: A Dynamic Duo

Organizations across nearly every vertical are in full digital transformation mode, searching for ways to reinvent their operations, improve user experiences and gain a competitive advantage. Of course, government is not immune to evolving technological trends — state and local governments (and the communities they support) are requiring the same secure, high-speed, high-capacity options to store and transmit data and deliver next-generation services. With the demand for digital options increasing as a result of the pandemic, high-quality, highly capable government IT strategies are now a necessity for communities.

As the foundation for delivering municipal services to communities and keeping personnel in touch with critical data, network connectivity is at the core of the evolving government model. If outdated network topologies are not expanded as communities expand, or if the technology in use isn’t catching up to expanding capacity and speed requirements, the results can be less than ideal. Network bottlenecks, security risks, inaccessibility or downtime, widespread inefficiencies — these can all impact the quality and deliverability of key government functions.

On the other hand, if investments in government IT infrastructure are prioritized, this presents a host of crucial benefits for administrators and residents alike. Communication between representatives and communities becomes strengthened, enabling more tailored services that better meet expectations. Furthermore, speed is heightened for timely task completion, online portals can be made more complete to support social distancing and government forms can be digitized and available 24/7 for maximum efficiency. All in all, technology is bringing government into the future with an array of powerful tools and capabilities that deliver better experiences, better results and beyond — but it all depends on how the network and data management is set up and managed.

It’s situations like these where Bluebird Network can meet governments and organizations halfway, fulfilling their need for the best of speed, capacity, redundancy, geographic reach and more. Bluebird offers colocation services through the Bluebird Underground Data Center alongside connectivity options from our carrier-grade, state-of-the-art network (ranked in the top one percent of world networks by the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis). To best serve the needs of customers throughout the Midwest, Bluebird Network has grown its network to include 9,800 fiber route miles of high-speed broadband and fiber-optic connections to over 60,000 on-net and near-net buildings and towers. This means secure, reliable and scalable networking capabilities that connect to offices, data centers, wireless towers and more, supporting the applications and services that customers require.

In essence, Bluebird Network is a world-class communications infrastructure partner that equips governments with important tools and opportunities that help them consume fewer resources, provide greater transparency to users, operate more effectively and reliably, and increase ease for all. With a robust network and data strategy in place, local and state governments can harness the power of the digital world, utilizing video conferencing for public meeting needs, benefitting from high-speed application performance for community engagement, government business and beyond.

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