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Network Redundancy: A Must-Have in Today’s Digital World

As business resources stretch across new clouds, new business locations and new platforms expand toward the edge, reliable network connectivity is now paramount to enterprise success. Always-on access and agility are the foundations of competitive advantage as life, data and information continue to traverse the ever-expanding network at an ever-increasing rate. This means avoiding network outages — from equipment failures, human errors, cyberattacks or otherwise — is the cornerstone of communications infrastructure.  

Network resilience and redundancy are at the core of today’s digital business because every second of downtime means real dollars lost and customer experiences impacted. Despite its importance, however, many are still unsure about what exactly network redundancy is or how it can be achieved.  

To achieve the most reliable connectivity across the whole business framework one must understand the components that create it and identify the best strategy to accomplish it.  

Redundant Connectivity — What is it, Exactly?  

Reliability at the network level comes down to an idea that most probably have already heard: an object is only as strong as its weakest point. The same goes for networks – a single point of failure is enough to render a whole mission-critical asset unusable – so ensuring the whole network is robust enough to remain up and running is vital.  

Redundancy is the IT equivalent of having a backup plan. It involves provisioning multiple peripheral devices, diverse geographic routes, physical locations and more across the entire network footprint. The presence of these additional (i.e. redundant) resources ensures that even if one area or piece of equipment falls victim to disruption, important business operations and data can simply find a way around the issue and service can remain uninterrupted.  

How Does Your Business Achieve a Wholly Reliable Network?  

A trusted network partner should be at the center of any enterprise’s network strategy. Digital business now operates at a pace which requires business resources to be allocated on core goals and growth before a breakdown occurs. Trying to achieve a properly redundant network with only internal teams, resources and expertise can lead businesses down a troubled path. With the right network partner, enterprises have one less problem on their plates, knowing their connection is always on and their data is always accessible. However, choosing the right partner is the tricky part.  

Bluebird Network makes the network choice easy. Offering a carrier-grade, state-of-the-art network (ranked in the top one percent of world internet networks by the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis), Bluebird delivers secure, reliable and scalable connections. With Bluebird, enterprises are connected to offices, data centers, wireless towers and more with 151 POP locations across nine states throughout the Midwest.  

As an organization focused on creating connections, Bluebird has drastically grown it’s network by integrating company networks over the years. After acquiring PEG Bandwidth Illinois, connecting to the Bluebird Underground Data Center, the Bluebird network encompasses over 9,800 fiber route miles of high-speed broadband and fiber-optic connections to over 54,000 on-net and near-net buildings and towers. With this robust footprint, and an intelligently designed network with multiple paths to main internet drains, redundancy is no question.  

In an always-on world, downtime is no longer an option. Online business operates around the clock, and if the network is a business’s point of failure, they simply can’t compete. Fortunately, achieving thorough network redundancy and reliability doesn’t have to be difficult. Avoiding interruption and getting vital peace of mind can be as easy as allying with the ideal partner.  

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