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Mitigating the Cloud Trepidation in Healthcare

The discussion of cloud services is a very controversial subject within healthcare. There are many benefits to it, especially when it comes to storing the vast amounts of patient data healthcare facilities house. However, the underlying fear is the potential violation of patient privacy and the vulnerability to cyberattacks. Could the benefits outweigh the cons? Perhaps, but the best way to find out is by partnering with a data center and its IT team to come up with a plan that best fits an organization.

Not everything has to be uploaded to the cloud at once for a company to gain some benefits of the service. A tech-savvy data center team can help an organization develop and implement a hybrid solution to migrate to the cloud in phases. This helps facilities test the capabilities of the cloud without feeling as vulnerable. Certain data and applications can still run in a physical space, but also allow the benefits of some web-based services.

When looking for a data center partner some questions you could to ask yourself could be: What do you need in terms of scalability, improved flexibility, cost reduction? Do you want to adopt innovation solutions such as predictive analytics?

While this topic will remain highly debated within the healthcare industry for years to come, if your organization is considering using the cloud, picking the right partner to develop a plan with your facility is key in its success.