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Key Considerations When Picking Business Internet Providers

It’s hard to imagine a world without internet connectivity. The IDC Data Age Report estimates that every connected person has at least one data interaction every eighteen seconds. The internet is not only essential in connecting you with friends and loved ones but also in running your business.

Your staff and customers depend on internet connectivity, whether for an online service or a teleconferencing call. Without dedicated internet access, your business is a shell of productivity. You may need to have business-only broadband to meet your facility’s demands. Here are five key factors to keep in mind when sorting out the right business internet providers.

1. Your Bandwidth and Speed Needs

There’s arguably nothing worse for a business than slow internet. Slow speeds can affect your website performance, increasing your bounce rate. Your employees may have to wait for hours to download vital media-laden documents. You may need to ensure that business internet providers can keep up with your connectivity needs. Inquire about their bandwidth caps and the different internet packages available. Determine your high-speed internet requirements first to avoid paying for too much or being stuck with slower speeds.

2. Type of Internet Connectivity

You may need to figure out the means to avail the internet to your premises. The internet providers that you pick should endeavor to provide as many choices as possible, including:

  • Fiber solutions: They are fast, efficient, and reliable options, providing high internet speeds of up to 1Gb. Inquire if the business internet providers have laid fiber cables within your region.
  • Satellite Internet: A satellite dish bounces off your internet connection over a series of satellites. It is an ideal option for remote settings.

You may also opt for DSL, Dial-up, cable, or fixed wireless internet for your connections.

3. Security Protocols

Another key factor to keep in mind when choosing internet for business is the security of your internet connection. Make sure that the internet providers have robust anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware systems in place. You can view the different security levels offered in the various packages offered. Additionally, inquire about their internet redundancy plans and solutions during outages.

4. Additional Services Provided

Most business executives obsess over the bandwidth, speeds, and connection. Business internet providers offer complementary support services that are key for a wholesome experience. The internet provider fixing your dark fiber can advise on and manage your build-in networking. You can focus on the core of your business as the ISP takes care of the rest. You can also access cloud storage options, virtual private networks, colocation services, and static IP addresses.

5. Customer Support

Time down is revenue lost for your business. You may need to pick business internet providers with a tech support team that is available 24/7. They can easily respond to any network issues or outages that you may have on your premises. Pick an ISP with a service level agreement that guarantees uninterrupted service and uptime. Ensure they have a responsive customer support team that understands your business and one that prioritizes your issues.

Choosing the right internet provider for your business internet may need you to know and refine what you need before you begin searching. Focusing on these five factors can lead you to the right ISP. Bluebird Networks are trusted internet providers in Colombia, MO, serving clients across the greater Midwest. Contact us today to request a quote for your business.

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