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Is It Time to Switch Your Internet Provider?

Businesses across the globe are becoming increasingly reliant on digital connectivity and internet services to run their operations. As per the IDC’s Data Age Report, the worldwide data sphere is expected to grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to over 175 ZB by 2025. This represents a 26% compounded annual growth rate resulting from the incorporation of machine learning and other forms of AI in interpreting the mammoth data size generated by IoT products.

As you align your business towards the future, you may need to set the right foundation in the present. Your internet provider plays a critical role in how you run your digital side of the business. In an ultra-competitive world that demands instant gratification, businesses and consumers alike are demanding more from their ISPs.

How will you know it’s time to start shopping for a new Internet provider? Here are seven signs to watch out for.

1. Slow Connectivity

According to a survey by DecisionData, internet connections were the second most popular reason for an ISP change, with respondents wanting an upgrade to their internet speeds. Slow connectivity can significantly harm your business, with websites and other applications crashing. It can become frustrating to both employees and potential customers who wish to access your online services. If your speeds are extremely slow, consider switching to an internet provider that offers business-only broadband.

2. Your Contract is Running Out

You may have been with the same business internet providers for the last two years, and you are quickly running out of contract. Canceling your agreement with the ISP while still on contract may attract exit fees. The expiry of your current agreement provides a perfect chance to ditch the incompetent internet provider for a more reliable one. Begin your search early enough to ensure a smooth transition. Compare the different dedicated internet access deals available.

3. Poor Customer Support

The fiber solutions may deliver high-speed internet to your premises. However, without proper customer support, the speeds may not be useful. IT issues may arise from time to time, and lacking dedicated support can derail your entire workday. If you spend most of your day trying to contact your ISP’s customer desk instead of getting work done, it may be time to consider a new internet provider.

4. Same Problems Keep on Cropping Up

It isn’t usual for ISPs to face trouble with their systems. Slow connectivity, internet outages, or discrepancies on your bill can be discomforting at best. However, it can be a source of alarm if the same issues keep on arising after raising your complaint. You may need to start your search for a better internet provider if you have to shut down your operations several times in a month to address the recurrent issue.

5. You Moved to a New Location

If you have recently moved your office or switched business locations, you may have to switch internet providers. Your new premises need to be connected with a business only broadband quickly to ensure minimum downtime. Ideally, the new ISP should have an easy-to-follow application process and should be able to link your new business premise to their network shortly after you put in the request.

6. Pricing

The number one reason why consumers change their internet provider is cost savings. Your ISP may have continually reviewed the contract pricing over the period. Comparing your internet business package with other providers may provide you with the motivation to jump ship to a new ISP.

Internet is a critical infrastructure in the running of modern-day business. It is important to find an internet provider that you can trust and rely on to grow your enterprise. For internet and fiber solutions in Colombia, MO, and the greater Midwest, contact Bluebird Network.

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