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INDATEL Services is an ever-growing membership of wholesale carriers dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost effective transport connectivity via fiber optic routes in rural and metropolitan areas.  Being a Member of INDATEL Services, Bluebird Network realizes an expanded fiber footprint to allow our customers a nationwide network offering.


The mission of indatel is to enhance our position as the premier nationwide facility based ethernet solutions provider offering superior connectivity from rural to urban America.

INDATEL Services is evolving and building upon the power of scale one connection at a time, with expanded service offerings. INDATEL is dedicated to providing Data Solutions via Fiber Optic Network routes connecting rural and metro America.

INDATEL Members excel in delivering reliable bandwidth solutions (ETH and Wavelengths) in rural markets and are uniquely positioned to provide connectivity to many places where other carriers cannot.

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INDATEL represents more than

Rural Local Exchange Carriers

fiber optic route miles across America

communities served

on-net ETH capable locations

Regional POPs

Data Centers

INDATEL connects America one Connection at a time!