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How To Improve Your Financial Business’s Network Security

Cybercrime is a problem for financial businesses. There is potential growth in the future of ecommerce, but it is important to understand and protect your business from online threats. If your network is breached, this will not only affect your IT; it will affect the entire business and your customers as well. Therefore, you must be able to give customers and business partners some assurance that everything is being done to keep your company data safe. Here is how you can improve your financial business’s network security and have more secure internet for businesses.

Build a secure infrastructure

Internet for businesses must always have multiple technologies in place to handle cyberattacks. This means that every business computer must be kept up to date, and you should always install the latest security patches. This will help you address vulnerabilities to computer viruses. You must also have in place antivirus and filtering software. Moreover, you also need to protect everything on the network with a configured firewall.

Consider data encryption software

It is advisable when using the internet as a business to encrypt the data on your network using mathematical algorithms. This will scramble text in a way that makes it impossible to be decoded by anyone who doesn’t have the code to ‘unlock’ it. This way, hackers will not be able to get sensitive business information.

Keep it need-to-know

You must always restrict access to sensitive business data. Transparency is important, but there should be levels of security where only a few people can access. Not everyone needs to know the nitty-gritty of how your security system works. For instance, it might not be a good idea to let everyone know the password of the company server.

Filter network traffic

It is no longer possible to just simply ‘allow or deny’ application or website access. People need to be flexible at work so they can do their job efficiently. However, you can install an advanced firewall on your network, which can enable you to set rules at a much more granular level. This makes it possible for you to let workers access private email accounts but restrict the sending of file attachments with those emails.

Another good idea will be to encrypt data at rest and in transit. This limits access to the company network. You must, therefore, ensure that all sensitive data sent from the company network is encrypted. It is important to also use fast connections. A State of the States Report done in 2018 referenced by the FCC noted that in the same year, 2.3 million students did not have access to broadband connectivity that reached the commission’s connectivity goal of hundred Mbps per thousand students and staff. And that’s just one study of mostly students. Internet for businesses should be fast to increase network security.

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