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How do Schools and Students Benefit from Fiber Technology?

Fiber optic technology has been seen all around the business world in recent years, but schools and students have been seeing benefits from it as well. Fiber optic cables not only provide greater data security and communication within the school internet but also help to provide students with more learning opportunities.

Faster Information Access

Fiber optic cables use light to send and receive data, making them faster than more traditional copper cables. This is important because, in 2018, 2.3 million students lacked access to broadband services that met the connectivity goal of 100 Mbps per 1,000 students and staff, according to a State of the States Report referenced by the FCC in that same year.

Access to Teaching Videos

The speed of fiber optic cables can also be used directly in the classroom. With a fiber optic network, teachers can incorporate video lessons into their lesson plans, making the classes more dynamic. This additional way of communicating the lesson may also help students with the retention of the information.

Better Network Security

Compared to traditional copper cables, fiber optic cables are difficult to access, meaning the risk of uninvited guests on a school’s private internet network is much lower. Hackers would also have a tougher time gaining access to sensitive information.

Better Physical Security

Fiber optic cables connecting a school’s security cameras and intercoms help on-site police not only see any potential threats but communicate those threats quickly across the network.

Empowers Students

Investing in a secure, high-speed fiber optic internet network for a school is investing resources into the students themselves. When young people realize that they’re being given the best in modern technology and security, they’re more likely to feel capable of using those resources to achieve great things.

The Bottom Line

Fiber optic technology is not just for the tech and business world. Schools, staff, and students are seeing remarkable benefits from the installation of a fiber optic network. Using light to transmit and receive data, fiber optic cables are faster and more secure than traditional copper cables. This helps keep both the physical school grounds and the school’s cyber network safe. Additionally, the high-speed internet network means that additional resources such as teaching videos can be brought in to assist students in grasping a new concept. All in all, the benefits of fiber optic technology assist students in becoming their very best.

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