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How Disaster Recovery Benefits You and Your Customers

By Shirette Stockdall

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This famous proverb fits well within the wealth management industry. Wise data center relationships and deployments may seem like a costly, and unneeded, expense at first, but when a natural or manmade disaster occurs, keeping your customers’ data safe is worth it.

Events such as 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy forced financial institutions to research and apply geographic diversity to their data center strategy. In both events, companies had to investigate data centers outside of the New York City area. Housing customer data in multiple locations across the country means client data is always readily available and safe.

Even better, diversifying your company’s data within an underground data center provides additional benefits. Underground facilities can provide superior protection from the elements, using their location to their advantage. Their facilities also have an easier time managing a consistent, cool temperature as the sun does not put strain on the cooling system during warmer months of the year.

Prevention is priceless in the face of disaster. Those of a risk-conscious mindset need data center specialists to help understand these threats and where to geographically and strategically place their data to ensure customers are never without their services.

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