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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bluebird’s Acquisition of ColoHub Data Center

What happened?

Bluebird Network has acquired the ColoHub Data Center located in Bettendorf, IA from Geneseo Communications Inc.

What are the details of the acquisition?

Transaction close was effective December 31, 2020. BBN will be acquiring ColoHub Data Center Assets from GCI. Bluebird did not acquire GCI network assets.

Will the name change?

Yes. The data center will now be marketed as the Bluebird Data Center – Quad Cities.

Who is Geneseo Communications Inc. (GCI)?

GCI is a network and data center company, with deep history in the Illinois-Iowa region with both residential and business services in the Quad Cities area and the surrounding counties.

How will this acquisition affect the Bluebird network and the Bluebird Underground Data Center?

After Bluebird’s recent acquisition and expansion of fiber infrastructure in the Quad Cities and surrounding area, this data center acquisition supports Bluebird’s northern customers with a local, full-service data center, providing primary solutions and a redundant disaster recovery solution for existing BBU customers.

Centrally located between major metros like Chicago, Cedar Rapids, St. Louis, Des Moines, Peoria and Kansas City, this data center integrates with our network to further expand Bluebird’s geographical footprint and expand our sales territory.  

What were the driving factors for this acquisition?

There are several reasons why this acquisition makes sense for Bluebird.

Adding a new data center to the Bluebird portfolio is a perfect complement to Bluebird’s current infrastructure. We more easily support our northern customers with a total solution and world-class data center services, while bolstering our offerings to current customers as well – by delivering a redundant disaster recovery option.

Rather than locating in another company’s data center or leasing retail space, Bluebird will own the data center building. Owning the facility housing the data center creates a stronger point of presence and affords Bluebird the ability to build storage or expand the data center’s physical attributes as we see fit.

Furthermore, Bluebird is in an acquisition mode and we will continue to review, research and act accordingly on opportunities as they arise.

Will Bluebird Network be providing the same fiber services in the same areas?

Yes. But now with expanded data center solutions available.

Will Bluebird be expanding its fiber reach?

Bluebird will establish a new PoP in the data center space, which will require a small build to connect our existing network to the newly acquired data center. This build is projected to finish within 60-90 days of transaction close.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Existing customers may direct questions to Tim Mandell, Keegan Banister or their existing Network Operations Center.

Thank you for your trust in Bluebird and our leadership. We are excited about what this acquisition will bring!

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