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Tour Our Datacenter

Tour Our Datacenter

Finance Landing – FINAL


85 feet underground and surrounded by limestone rock.

A consistent and stable year-round environment and temperature of 64-68 degrees F.
Redundant cooling units and a chilled water delivery system ensure temperature and humidity set points.

Get the most out of your communication investment.

Whether it’s trading, banking or planning for the future, customers now expect to be able to secure their finances through personal and convenient means. Bluebird can empower you to do so with more bandwidth and stronger connections to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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How Can Bluebird Help?

We empower productivity and innovation.

Cloud Connectivity

Clear internal storage space, safely store years of financial records and reduce costs on utilizing applications on in-house resources by connecting your business to the cloud. Unsure if it’s right for you? We can help design and implement a hybrid-cloud solution.

Enabling Security

Bluebird can aid your company with secure data storage and additional services such as private connections to ensure your clients’ data is safe and your business complies with state and federal regulations.

Empowering New Tech

Fintech is growing – meaning emerging technologies will soon become a necessity to provide the best experiences for your customers. Bluebird can provide the connectivity and data storage available for your company to integrate those new advancements as they reach the market.

We Connect the Midwest.

This is What We Do

Owning and operating our own fiber network and data centers, Bluebird is uniquely positioned to create custom solutions to support specific challenges facing the financial industry. Whether it’s MPLS for multipoint networks, low-latency services for speedy transactions, or hybrid cloud services – Bluebird delivers.

More than just banks.

Bluebird supports some of the largest banking chains and financial systems in the Midwest. But we also support financial facilities of all sizes that serve various purposes. It doesn’t matter how big or small your challenge is – Bluebird has seen it and our industry experts are the most knowledgeable and experienced in the field. Connect with Bluebird TODAY to learn how we can help you!

Our Clients

Finance Landing – FINAL