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Digital Learning Day: Fostering a Fruitful Learning Environment

Bluebird Network is joining thousands of teachers and students around the globe in celebrating the use of digital technology in education on February 22nd for Digital Learning Day. Throughout the pandemic, the transition to virtual and hybrid learning has been a bumpy road for many, especially in communities where there is limited and unreliable connectivity. Many teachers and students around the US are unable to effectively use digital learning tools to create or take advantage of a fruitful learning experience.

Even before the pandemic, students in underserved communities found it difficult to complete homework and utilize online resources in their independent studies because it required access to reliable broadband. The pandemic only stretched the existing digital divide even further. Currently, 13.6 million urban households and 4.6 million remote homes lack a strong internet connection, making it almost impossible for students to utilize digital learning tools no matter the learning environment (virtual, hybrid, in-person).

It’s imperative schools and other educational institutions partner with local service providers that offer strong and reliable broadband to meet the connectivity needs of the institution, the teachers, and especially the students. Strong and reliable internet allows students to utilize digital resources and foster a fruitful learning environment both in and out of the classroom.

When it comes to increased connectivity and increased use of digital learning tools, it’s necessary to build digital literacy among students and educators. Simply understanding how to utilize the technology offers a more efficient and effective learning and teaching experience. For students, it’s important to know where to search for information/resources, how to utilize digital tools, and how it improves the overall learning experience. Teachers should also be well equipped with the knowledge on how to best use digital resources, not only for their use, but to answer any questions students may have.

But why is utilizing digital tools for students so important? Well, there are many pros to digital learning which some are listed below:

  1. Personalized learning at the pace of the students
  2. Access to what almost seems like an unlimited amount of information
  3. More creative and engaging lessons
  4. Accessibility through modern technology
  5. Creates and builds new skills

Digital learning has many more benefits, however underserved communities need reliable broadband in order to take advantage of the digital learning tools. Providing schools and homes with strong and reliable connectivity helps students utilize the resources needed to lead bright futures.

Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider operating two data centers and a carrier-grade fiber network, is trusted to empower educational systems – as well as medical and financial organizations – at all levels throughout the Midwest. With an understanding of the urgent need for reliable internet connections, Bluebird Network provides high quality connectivity and the bandwidth required to support the best education practices through technology. Ranking as the second largest internet provider to public schools in the State of Missouri, Bluebird is consistent in providing secure and reliable internet connectivity for students and teachers, whether they are in person or virtual. Our edge technology and unsurpassed customer support provides the tools needed for the sophisticated network requirements of education institutions.

Learn more about Bluebird Network’s efforts in providing connectivity to schools in the Midwest.

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