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Celebrate Earth Day with Bluebird Network

Bluebird Network celebrates Earth Day this year with an Earth Day Happy Hour on Friday, April 22 at 4:30PM CT in Springfield, MO. The Bluebird sponsored event is free to join and allows the tech community to come together and learn more about sustainability initiatives in the industry. The purpose of Earth Day is “to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.”

The data center industry is continuously keeping pace with growing demand for connectivity solutions. Data centers continue to support new technology adoption such as cloud services, 5G, IoT, etc., while investing in our planet – incorporating sustainability initiatives to support numerous industries across the globe.

Investors are increasingly using ESG metrics to evaluate potential investments into these data center companies. In a recent Pipeline Publication Issue, Bluebird’s Chief Revenue Officer, Trent Anderson, says, “With the demand for connected data increasing from users, data center providers should focus on taking steps to reduce, if not eliminate, their carbon footprint while meeting the rising demand for connectivity services.”

Recently Bluebird announced its commitment to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and a goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2040.The company plans to reduce its Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) emissions across all activities as much as possible. Examples of sustainable solutions include:

  • Created a Used Electronic Purchasing program
  • Created an Electronic Recycling, Reuse, Refurbish program
  • Purchased dynamic fuel model vehicles to replace older models
  • Established closed-loop water systems within data centers
  • Adoption of LED lighting technologies at data center facilities
  • Creation of hot air return plenums at data center facilities to improve cooling efficiencies

Learn more about sustainability in the tech community by registering for the Earth Day Happy Hour by clicking here.

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