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Bury Your Data: The Power of an Underground Data Center

Bluebird Underground: Below Ground. Above Standards

One of the most significant thing about having a data center buried eight and half stories below ground is that it produces a degree of invisibility. When you have that much rock above your computer operations, satellites can’t see you. Plus, since the facility is on private streets with on-site security 24/7, people can’t come and just drive down to the facility and there is no Google street view. Tying in to this visibility aspect come the technology and equipment needed to run the facility. All of our equipment to guarantee operations is located underground. This means it’s not only out of sight, but also out of the way of inclement weather. The equipment will still operate in inclement weather if it were above ground, but putting it deep underground adds an extra layer of protection and maintains the promise of 100% uptime guaranteed.

Having your data center facility located underground enables you to create a “biosphere” of sorts. Extreme temperature highs and lows can affect the performance of equipment. For example, by being located in an abandoned limestone mine, Bluebird Underground maintains a consistent year round temperature between 64-68 degrees. You have lots of control over the environment within the data center space. Humidity, temperature, and air flow are just a few of the key characteristics that can be controlled to ensure optimal data center operations.

When choosing a data center, one must consider what they hope to avoid. Natural (and Unnatural) disasters. At our facility, the backup generators and other necessary equipment are located underground which eliminates another potential risk associated with above ground data centers. Natural disasters can leave a data center without power which in turn leads to possible disasters and costly downtime.

Once you make the decision to move your operations underground, you need to dig below the surface and find out the types of security and disaster precautions that are in place to best protect your equipment. After uncovering the qualifications of the facilities, you can then best select which underground data center is best suited to your business and begin to relax knowing that your hardware and equipment are safe, secure, and protected from disaster.

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