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Bluebird Network Highlights National Health Center Week

National Health Center Week is annually celebrated from August 7th to 13th. The goal is to raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers over the past five decades. Community Health Centers offer critical service and care within their communities. In moments of pain and loss, these centers offer immense support. Bluebird Network is taking time to highlight this week to celebrate the roles Community Health Centers play and how critical infrastructure and services keep these centers operating with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Health center operators consider increased digital capabilities a path to fundamentally transform relationships with consumers. In a recent Deloitte survey, 92% of respondents are hoping to achieve better patient experience as the top desired outcome from digital transformation. Similarly, healthcare functions receiving most digital investments today are patient experience (88%), IT/cyber (80%), and clinical care delivery (68%).

There are three main service solutions that enable health centers to optimize their daily operations, enabling these centers to provide critical, life-saving services to people within their communities. These solutions include cloud computing technology, fiber internet, and disaster recovery.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in health centers is about service providers placing remote servers used through the internet. It helps to store, handle, and process important medical information. Cloud storage is convenient for healthcare experts and medical centers to use online servers to store massive amounts of data in an extremely secure environment. Cloud computing in health centers increases efficiency and security in daily operations while decreasing costs. Cloud computing makes medical record-sharing easier and safer, automates backend operations and even facilitates the creation, and maintenance of, telehealth technology.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet offers scalability as the health centers continue to rapidly digitize. As a medical business grows, so does the number of devices that are simultaneously streaming content within each location. Doctors and staff members may be connecting their own phones, tablets, laptops, their work phone and their desktops, among other devices. Automatic scalability is needed to meet bandwidth demands as teams continue to use more devices, and therefore more bandwidth. Fiber Internet with a high-speed plan is recommended in order to accommodate those growing bandwidth needs.

Review more about the benefits of fiber connectivity in healthcare:

Disaster Recovery

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations require organizations to maintain up-to-date disaster recovery plans. These plans detail how the provider will protect and restore access to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) if affected by an unforeseen event. Service providers offer disaster recovery services to health centers – a critical feature to protect patient information. An effective disaster recovery plan lets health centers restore medical data and resume normal processes with minimal downtime following any type of data loss. Without a disaster recovery plan, health centers may experience a delayed recovery or some type of significant data loss.

What Bluebird is Doing to Help:

The healthcare environment is going digital. From checking in to finding a cure, healthcare professionals rely upon a fast broadband response. By utilizing the Bluebird Network fiber optic infrastructure, hospitals and healthcare systems optimize the care they provide to their patients. With the implementation of electronic health records, telemedicine, and remote diagnostics, the demand for a fast, reliable, secure network is off the charts.

  • Physicians can consult with doctors over a secure network to discuss a patient’s condition, MRI, radiology or x-ray results.
  • Electronic health records are universally accessible and securely exchanged.
  • Distant healthcare institutions and practitioners are aided through inter-site connectivity, resulting in lower patient care costs.
  • Cloud based applications are easily accommodated, enhancing technology, increasing efficiency and reducing expense.
  • Disaster recovery and restoral efforts are performed through a highly secure off-site data storage facility.
  • Network communication occurs in real time resulting in fast and efficient data communication.

Learn more about how Bluebird Network supports the Healthcare Industry:

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