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Bluebird Network Celebrates the 47th Annual National EMS Week

The week of May 15th, 2022 is the 47th annual National EMS Week. Bluebird Network celebrates this week to honor and thank paramedics, EMTs and the entire EMS workforce for their service and sacrifices. National EMS Week allows the local communities to come together and publicize safety and honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line”. The 2022 EMS Week theme is: “EMS: Rising to the Challenge”, this theme is particularly meaningful now to remind people everyday that emergency personnel are faced with so many challenges in their lives and yet they are able to continue to respond, support and care for the needs of the community.

With that being said, all emergency personnel must be provided with cutting edge technology in order to complete their jobs in a timely manner. Telcos are able to provide communities with the connectivity and technology needed to make sure EMS is connected at all times. The need for cutting edge technology is important for hospitals, doctor’s offices, ambulances and many more critical emergency facilities.

Emergency situations require an aggregation of services to enforce the flow of data and the ability for institutions to scale up as digital transformation accelerates. The services include secure data center space for infrastructure, wireline/wireless connectivity, and more. With robust infrastructure, first responders are provided with critical information in real time to make sure everyone in need is getting the proper response they need.

Bluebird Network offers collocation, gigabit transport and gigabit Internet services through the Bluebird Underground data center. Housed in a cave and encased by natural limestone, this facility provides protection from natural and man-made disasters. As a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant data center, Bluebird Underground, located 85 feet below the Earth’s surface, is committed to meeting and exceeding ever-evolving industry standards, critical component redundancies and maintaining a 100% uptime assurance to our customers.

Bluebird supports and praises all emergency personnel and honors them not only this week but all year round for the dedication to their communities. Bluebird encourages you to rise to the challenge and continue to support and care for your community and thank the service of our EMS community.

Click to learn more about how Bluebird enables EMS to access connectivity and cutting edge technology in order to continue to respond and support our communities.

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