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Are Schools Increasing Tech Support During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has been difficult for all of us, but especially for children that are struggling in school or that are working from home with non-traditional learning days and methods. More and more schools are working to help improve technical support and access for children across the board.

Why Do Schools Need More Tech Support Now?

Taking the time to learn just why schools might want to or need to improve tech support can help us better understand the moves that schools are making. First, schools are dealing with the pandemic in unique ways to help keep students apart from one another, even when they are in the same classroom, and they are also dealing with days where schools are shut down and kids have to learn from home and deal with potential connectivity issues.

In these cases, schools are working to provide students with resources like Chromebooks to take home to work on, access to learning sites and to educational resources, and more so that they can make the most out of their learning and out of the opportunities that they are given. At any time schools could be shut down due to COVID outbreaks or students might not be able to come to school because they have the virus, which means these students need to be able to learn from home which can lead to connectivity issues.

What Are Schools Doing?

The average daily data usage in the United States has jumped from about 12 GB in 2019 to around 16.6 GB in March 2020, a 38% jump, and is likely to keep growing. This is in response to people working from home, kids having to do school work from home, kids using technology to connect with teachers and other students, and so on. Students are being given more opportunities to learn from home, to use technology to support their growth and more, and to prevent connectivity issues.

Many schools are investing in new computers, in memberships to learning sites, and in other technology that is there to support students and to help them cope with this new learning model and this new way of learning and doing school work. With these new challenges that schools and students alike are up against, it is important that students and educators are both working to find that middle ground that is going to help keep the learning going and that is going to help keep students feeling great about their journey and about their progress.

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