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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Internet Services for Your Business

Cloud computing is now an essential part of any institution’s IT infrastructure. According to reports forecast by the International Data Corporation (IDC), spending on cloud IT infrastructure will continue on its upswing to reach $99.9 billion by 2023. Dedicated business-only broadband is critical to supporting your switch to cloud storage.

The quality of your internet service can make or break your business. Slow and unreliable connections can increase customer bounce rates from your sites and frustrate your staff working online. Here are five common errors that CTOs and CIOs make as they select business internet providers for their companies.

1. Choosing More Bandwidth Than You Need

Most companies, through fear, often overshoot on their business internet needs, paying for higher bandwidth packages than they require. You may need to find internet providers that will provide an effective bandwidth management plan. You can pick out the right package for your business, accommodating changes as they arise in the future. Look at your current data usage. Buying more bandwidth in the hope of exponential growth may only drain your coffers. You may adjust your plan as the need arises.

2. Lacking A Dedicated Internet Access Protocol

Shared internet connectivity can be frustrating for most staff members. Large downloads from some devices in the network may starve the rest, reducing office productivity. Picking dedicated fiber solutions for your internet can help resolve the issues with slow connectivity. Business-only broadband can ensure that your website remains stable and reliable. You can reduce the risks of website crashes and customers bouncing off due to slow loading website pages.

3. Failing to Research the Internet Providers

There are approximately 2,831 internet service providers in the US. You may need to do your research before signing up for any internet service. You may check comments, reviews, and testimonials from past clients on online review sites to determine their reliability. Unresolved complaints and unsatisfied customers are huge red flags. Additionally, the initial communication may provide an inkling into their customer service model.

4. Skip the Technological Infrastructure Available

You may also need to question the investment that the internet providers have made to support business-only broadband. With increasing connectivity needs and growing bandwidth requirements, you may require an upgraded package that supports the rapidly scaling needs of your company. Internet providers with dark fiber services may have the requisite tech infrastructure to support your growth and expansion.

5. Failing to Review the Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement from internet providers is a contract that outlines the duties and responsibilities of both parties. It can act as a guarantee from your ISP if their level and quality of service do not match the promises made. Internet providers that provide an SLA are confident about the efficiency of their connectivity. Read through the contract to understand the clauses fitted under the fine print. Be wary of additional fees inserted within the agreement.

It’s not easy to choose the best internet provider for your business. There are so many options out there that it can be hard to find one that will give you everything you need at a price point that makes sense. That’s why it’s important to take time and research the different internet providers for business before deciding the right one for your company. If you are looking for internet for business services in Colombia, MO, and the greater Midwest, reach out to Bluebird Network.

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