What can Bluebird Network do for you?

 A Bluebird Network infrastructure provides healthcare practitioners and institutions with the connectivity and bandwidth required to take advantage of better medical practices through technology.


Telemedicine, remote diagnostics and alternative healthcare delivery methods are successful with the advanced Bluebird Network fiber infrastructure. Greater bandwidth allows better patient care through real time face-to-face communication; connecting to healthcare professionals in remote locations or when a specialist is not available nearby.


Utilizing Bluebird Network fiber gets your healthcare facility up to speed with:


-Fast Internet Access


-Full Gig E-Services


-Private Metro Fiber Networks


Secure and Accessible Data Center

 Bluebird Network offers collocation, gigabit transport and gigabit Internet services through the Bluebird Underground data center. Housed in a cave and encased by natural limestone, this facility provides protection from natural and man-made disasters. As a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant data center, Bluebird Underground is committed to meeting and exceeding ever-evolving industry standards, critical component redundancies and maintaining a 100% uptime assurance to our customers.


A Fast, Efficient, and Secure Fiber Network


 The healthcare environment is going digital. From checking in to finding a cure, healthcare professionals rely upon a fast broadband response. By utilizing the Bluebird Network fiber optic infrastructure, hospitals and healthcare systems optimize the care they provide to their patients. With the implementation of electronic health records, telemedicine, and remote diagnostics, the demand for a fast, reliable, secure network is off the charts. The adoption of this infrastructure means that:


-Physicians can consult with doctors over a secure network to discuss a patient’s condition, MRI, radiology or x-ray results.


-Electronic health records are universally accessible and securely exchanged.


-Distant healthcare institutions and practitioners are aided through inter-site connectivity, resulting in lower patient care costs.


-Cloud based applications are easily accommodated, enhancing technology, increasing efficiency and reducing expense.


-Disaster recovery and restoral efforts are performed through highly secure off-site data storage facility.


-Network communication occurs in real time resulting in fast and efficient data communication.


Bluebird Network is a USAC authorized service provider.


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