A Fast, Efficient, and Secure Fiber Network


Local and state governments need modern technology to deliver efficient, cost-effective and quality services to citizens. Public safety agencies need the right tools to prevent injury, protect citizens, and respond quickly in emergency situations. Bluebird Network is a world-class technology infrastructure built around a high-speed network which equips governments and public safety agencies with powerful tools and opportunities such as:


-Online government forms consume fewer resources and are more convenient to citizens.


-Law enforcement will access images, fingerprints, and databases rapidly and efficiently when on the scene.


-Video conferencing abilities enable citizens to communicate with officials in new ways by attending public meetings remotely and participating in online forums.


-First responders downloading building plans and area maps when approaching a call to better prepare and prevent further injury and disaster.


-Emergency crews are capable of communicating with hospitals while in route by sharing images and video in real time when delivering patients allowing for better patient care upon arrival.


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-Fast Internet Access


-Full Gig E-Services


-Private Metro Fiber Networks


Bluebird Network offers collocation, gigabit transport and gigabit Internet services through the Bluebird Underground data center. Housed in a cave and encased by natural limestone, this facility provides protection from natural and man-made disasters. As a SOC 2 Type 2 certified data center, Bluebird Underground is committed to meeting and exceeding ever-evolving industry standards, critical component redundancies and maintaining a 100% uptime assurance to our customers.

Service and Safety Redefined


 With a Bluebird Network infrastructure, first responders will be provided with critical information such as maps, building plans and utility information in real time. Images and video can be shared  to prepare hospitals for patients. Citizens can upload photos and videos of crimes or potential crimes allowing them to be reviewed by police officers in real time or while in route to investigate, resulting in a more efficient use of law enforcement. Government forms can be digitized and available 24/7 for maximum efficiency. High bandwidth allows for the government entities to improve services, increase transparency and operate more effectively.


Utilizing Bluebird Network fiber equips government and public safety officials with:


Secure and Accessible Data




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