Bluebird Network focuses on combining cutting-edge technology and the brightest individuals to deliver high-speed broadband and secure data storage solutions to companies and rural communities through an efficient and fast fiber-optic network that spans across the Midwest.  For over a decade, Bluebird has offered state-of-the-art carrier grade broadband network solutions; and now, it offers the same first-class, reliable solutions to Enterprise Customers.  Enterprise Customers will benefit from our upgraded network and by partnering with Bluebird's account teams and field technicians, will create a network catered to your specific needs. Our record speaks for itself, and we pride ourselves on our extensive network reach, our performance, and our unmatched customer service. Bluebird Network’s services provide superior flexibility required to meet all your application needs.



 •High Bandwidth and low latency allows for low frame delay variation that is vital for voice and video

 applications and also speeds the implementation of new applications.

 •Low latency inherent with Ethernet layer 2 networks.


Server Consolidation

 •10 Gbps – available

 •100 Gbps – prototypes available



 •Familiar tools allow for a seamless dynamic control of the network.

 •Common interfaces across all devices makes accessing your data simple and efficient.

 •Creation of massive networks available in many locations and accessed by many types of individuals.



 •A Simple Ethernet network lowers the number of potential problems.

 •Engineered for rapid recovery without user impact if problems occur.

 •Fully meshed network that is capable of event recovery with sub 50 ms restoration times.


Secure Data Storage

 •Data storage is available in our state-of-the-art underground data storage facility.

 •Facility is monitored by guards 24/7.

 •Individuals must pass through five levels of security clearance to access their cabinets or custom space.


Cost Reduction

 •Simplified technology brings lower costs and products.

 •Certified services dramatically reduce implementation cost and complexity.

 •Delivers the cost model of LAN based Ethernet to the wide area network.


Bluebird Support

 •Work hand in hand with Bluebird Network’s account teams and field technicians to create a

  personalized network that maximizes efficiency and performance specific to your organization.

 •Dedicated customer support is available 24/7.





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General Information:  info@bluebirdnetwork.com

Sales Inquiries:  sales@bluebirdnetwork.com

Emergency Contact (Trouble Reporting):

Phone: 1-877-766-2662


Bluebird Underground Trouble Reporting
Phone: 1-417-575-7115

E-Mail: BBUTrouble@Bluebirdnetwork.com