Access to quality education is the foundation of every community. Bluebird Network combines leading edge technology and unsurpassed customer support to provide the tools needed for the sophisticated network requirements of educational institutions. Equipping students and teachers with a state-of-the-art network allows:

-Tablets and laptops to be efficiently utilized as a teaching tool in the classroom with a powerful broadband infrastructure.


-Access to video lectures, online testing and instruction over reliable high-speed broadband Internet.


-Homebound students and those interested in special courses to engage in distance learning and e-learning opportunities.


-The delivery of fast Internet for digital education over a secure private connection.


-Synchronous upload and download speeds for network users to rapidly access educational resources.


What can Bluebird Network do for you?

-Fast Internet Access


-Full Gig E-Services


-Private Metro Fiber Networks


High-speed broadband encourages students to efficiently and easily engage in a wide variety of interactive learning experiences. Online learning opportunities allow for materials to be self-paced or instructor led. The integration of innovative learning technologies produces a technology literate youth that actively engages in the classroom. Cloud based technology applications allow for teachers and administrators to securely transfer data and communicate effectively.


Utilizing Bluebird Network fiber gets your district up to speed with:

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